FRATEI is proud to present our innovative Spanish and European most recently required certifications laws fully-compliant family of TV transmitters. In fact, it is no allowed to be sold, presented or to have advertising on any product which hasn’t got the Acceptance certificate within Spanish territory. The so called Certificado de aceptación is backed up by the April 24th 11/98 official publication number 99 ( BOE nº99 25 de Abril ), section 1056 referring to the latest Telecommunications general law issued by the Spanish government. For further details we recommend to focus on articles 55 to 58 of section IV.

As follows, here you have a complete relation of FRATEI systems' acceptance certificates numbers:

5W. POWER TRANSMITTER Mod. TTU5 E D.G.Tel. 07 98 0363
10W. POWER TRANSMITTER Mod. TTU10 E D.G.Tel. 07 98 0364
50W. POWER TRANSMITTER Mod. TTU50 E D.G.Tel. 07 98 0365
100W. POWER TRANSMITTER Mod. TTU100 E D.G.Tel. 07 98 0366
5W. POWER TRANSPOSER Mod. RTU5 E D.G.Tel. 07 98 0583
50W. POWER TRANSPOSER Mod. RTU50 E D.G.Tel. 07 98 0587
100W. POWER TRANSPOSER Mod. RTU100 E D.G.Tel. 07 98 0591


According to FRATEI basic design fundamentals which are reliability and quality above all, we relay on the newest technologies accepted by nowadays highly competitive semiconductors global markets. Thus, in order to achieve your confidence through designing and manufacturing the best product in the broadcast local TV-oriented Spanish market, and because we think that it is part of our duty to inform our clients and future ones about government requirements, we literally reproduce a few lines of the latest general law above mentioned as follow:

"art55:.. specifications compliance must be achieved in laboratories designated by the Ministerio de Fomento... art57..Any product to be imported, exported, sold, presented, and showed up in any public media and meeting within the European Union must be certified through the related Acceptance certificate to the referred product.. art58 ..the Ministerio de Fomento is the public body entitled to execute articles 55 and 57.."

The Centre de Telecomunicacions de la Generalitat de Catalunya, a local public engineering office bounded to the autonomic Catalan government has issued the attached certificate which accepts FRATEI systems in any of their more than 200 broadcasting centres. In such document, CTGC relays on FRATEI product reliability taking charge of any maintenance issue that might overcome inside their areas.

FRATEI offers a service according to the already very close expectations of a fully freed local TV market all over Spain, where there won’t be legal handicaps to purchase a license to broadcast your own private local TV channel. So, FRATEI delivers completely free radio-frequency measures, and reports on your covered area, transmitting system as well as a complete range of changes to enhance your present means.

We encourage you to contact us to ask any question about our product and your present system. We’d like you equally to show us your ideas to improve results without any compromise. We have solutions for you future plans.

Looking forward hearing from you

FRATEI is the Spanish official world leader transmitters and high power broadcast amplifiers Itelco representative.

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